I’m Rebecca Daublin. Formerly known as Rebecca Turner, formerly formerly as Rebecca Jacobson. When I’m not running from the law, I’m an artist based in northern Indiana, a transplant from the Pacific Northwest where I was raised in the soggy state of Washington. My career begin in Kindergarten when I won first place (and a black and white stuffed fire dog named Fritz) in a local contest to illustrate a poster promoting fire safety. The rest is history. Actually that history is a long and windy course that involves getting a BFA in illustration after dabbling in a number of different majors, an internship in NYC and 10 years of freelance illustration and design while wrangling 3 wild and crazy kidlings who also happen to be a major source of inspiration for my art, which leans towards bright and cheery and evocative of the uninhibited joy of a child’s imagination.

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Rebecca Turner

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